About us


Our focus is on thematic playgrounds. Our playgrounds are categorized as out of the standard ones, which for us mean to be unique as design, ergonomic and safe. Our team is here to create individual solutions according to client wishes and budget. We produce nonstandard equipment by using and following natural’s forms of the wood by letting them decide the final result of the product.


Huge part of nowadays population lives in cities which basically resume artificial worlds with little or no touch to real nature. Because of that we have decided to put our efforts into bringing natural and magical worlds from the fairy tales back to children’s everyday life. We try to design unique playground equipment that would stimulate kids’ imagination and bring back the game into where it belongs.


Company’s purpose is to offer products with high quality and unique vision. Thematic Robinia playgrounds are our priority, but we also have a modular range of relatively unified models for the needs of children\\\'s institutions, municipalities, private projects etc. Our goal is to provide a safe environment where children can enjoy their game.