We offer services related to the development of standard or specific designs of playground equipment as well as landscape planning and consulting. Our experienced team of professionals consists of engineers, architects and landscape architect that could transform any place into a playground area or a recreational zone. Besides our standard models, we can create new or modify the existing ones up to client’s specific needs in a short period of time. 

Case study

The lighthouse was a project that was developed by our team of engineers following the design and instructions of the architect form moto studio. It is a playground situated right on the harbor complex of the city of Burgas. The idea behind the project was to reassemble a real lighthouse which it in fact became. The product is equipped with a solar system and a real beacon that shows ships directions during the night. The equipment was all made of Robinia, extremely durable and unique.


The realization is directly related to the creativity and professionalism of our team and the also the wishes of our clients! Your ideas are a challenge and motivation to move forward with bigger steps and confident that the products we produce will leave you breathless! Test us!

For each of the products we make, we strive to put only quality and environmentally sound materials that meet the highest customer requirements. Therefore, and confident in what we are doing, we give the longest warranty on performance.

The planning and implementation process is complex. It depends on the good organization both in production and in on-site performance. Often, it is about synchronous work between different suppliers, installers, builders, transport companies and so on.

Frequently, specialized equipment is required during installation. In order to achieve the required level of safety of the products, the installation requirements in the form of technical and working design should be strictly observed.